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Redefining your design styles with Inspirations from Ai

The biggest dilemma for most event planners, wedding planners and designers is how to bring fresh perspectives and pioneer trends for a project without being typecast or predictable. At the cost of putting my neck on the line, a lot of styling is inspired by "other work seen" or sometimes simply copied and re-textured or colored to own it.

While there is nothing wrong in being inspired, as a creative technology company we have always tried to find ways to say things in our own voice and manner. This I guess is our way of re-assuring our selves that we keep our passion of being explorers and discoverers, rather than tourists to the projects we create.

So, here we try and explore how Ai can help you to get inspired, or simply define what you may do or NOT DO.. as a stylist/visualiser/designer while cooking up a wedding/ event theme.

By using the assistance of an Ai BOT and simple word prompts you can create artboards that would take hours of search, or days of creation on software, with no certainty of the client accepting your work and taking it forward.

While I believe nothing can replace the design sense and detailing and visualisation of a human, it would be great to save that human hour by using a machine to run and research and test the power of your creative thought to ensure you nail the flow and idea and hence create something that is finally tested and kind of liked and approved.

I used Midjourney Bot to explore the styles of four Wedding Companies/ Designers who are renowned for their styling and unique approach to decor. The results, i must say are awesomely surprising, especially because they offer so much to think and ponder on how you may want to style or design or ( as i say AGAIN ... NOT DESIGN like them).

So i chose a very simple word prompt to begin with and then allowed the BOT to thrown up those rabbits from the MAGIC HAT !

My prompt in MidJourney : "/ imagine : An indian wedding theme decor at the ballroom of the Marriott Hotel, Juhu, styled by {insert name of Designer}, rose gold theme, photo realistic, ultra wide angle lens, shot on Hasselblad Camera X2D 100C --q 2 --s 50"

I listed out 4 designers : (2 Indian and 2 Overseas to create a comparison of style).

How close does Ai come to the orginals is something i really cannot point out exactly, however if you look up the styling and images of work put out by the designers, its pretty evident that Ai does try and work some algorithms to pick up pieces of photo inspo from each of their body of work to assemble its own design to the prompt.

While i did further tweak and fine tune the Ai Bot to match the designer and train it to get better inspired ( and i will save that for the next blog post), The examples below should set you thinking on how you can too, kick start your journey.

So if you need an espresso shot of inspiration that will help you clearly define what is your style and how best can you repurpose a simple keyword like "rose gold" in your theme, the above piece should make you understand how Ai can help you learn and get inspired to think of mood boards and the use of Ai in creating reference models that are quick, easy and "trial balls" that can be used for concept testing, thus saving you and your design team hours of hard work on the artboards.

Xeno Reality is a creative tech solutions company that offers event managers, experiential marketers, wedding and social planners, retail fit outs, art and cultural institutions, real estate developers and agencies, religious and places of interest, manufacturers and service providers - SOLUTIONS that #simulateeverything. Our approach to all our client projects is to be #intuitive and find challenges, create engaging , #immersive and #interactive narratives that tell stories and create conversations that last forever.

About the Author : Jateen Rajput has more than 2.5 decades of experience dabbling with creative technologies, he is voracious reader and consumer of emerging technologies, His past experiences at managing events, activations and experiential marketing excites him to seek those challenges he faced at the workplace and find answers that he never had. Jateen is also HOD at Whistling Woods International School of Event Management, Mumbai. Jateen can be reached on

**Disclaimer : None of the images displayed above is original or credited to anyone including me, These are machine generated information based on data available on internet, all rights and copyrights and credits of original works of designers belongs to them and them alone. No copyright claims or infringement has been done.

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